About Rashtrotthana Blood Centre

Rashtrotthana Blood Centre is one of the major service projects of Rashtrotthana Parishat.

Activities were started in the year 1980 under the name of Rashtrotthana Rugna Seva Bhandara. It entered into the field of Medical Service with identification of Blood Group, Registration of Blood Donors, providing information regarding Blood Donors to those in need of blood, etc.

The Blood Centre was started on 30th May 1993 with the initial financial assistance of Smt. Subhadraben Jyanthilal Nagardas Shah (Jain). Subsequently, we have started second unit in Hubballi during June 2010 under the name Sha Damji Jadavji Chheda Memorial Rashtrotthana blood Centre with the generosity of wife of Sri. Sha Damji Jadavji Chheda who provided their building free of cost for us to start the blood Centre there.

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अहर्निशं सेवामहे
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Blood is a life-saver. There is no substitute for blood Blood cannot be synthesized artificially...

Blood Donor Registration


Blood Donation Drives – an emergency requirement of the present times Siddhalinga MahaswamiJi “Blood donation is a much more needed and immediate requirement for the society than donation of food. This life saving gesture needs the overwhelming support of the people” was the opinion expressed by Sri Siddhalinga SwamiJi, the President of the Siddhaganga Math, […]

Speech of Mahaswamiji Siddhalinga Mahaswamiji

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Rashtrotthana is providing new life to accident vitcims in particular and ailing brothers and sisters in general. This voluntary and salutary service has kept Rashtrotthana Blood Bank at the forefront of social work.

Baba Ramdev Ji, Haridwar

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Blood Center is doing great job by giving service at afforable cost. Staff and management is dedicated for service to the society.

-Dr. N Choudhary Medical Director, Prathama Blood Center, Ahmedabad

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Dedicated & professional team. Good Infrastructure and Top management is commited to improvement.

-Manoj Pandharipande ISO 90001 Audition

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I have been visiting Rashtrotthana Parishat for last 15 years But visiting Blood Bank wing, this is first time. It is far above my expectations to chronically and from human touch point of view. Here I saw service with smiles.

Dr. G. Janardhan -Manonetra Kesavailayanam, Hyderabad

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