Expectation for a Blood Donation Camp

From The Host:
  • Offers a suitable location.
  • Publicizes the Blood Donation Camp.
  • Organizes a recruitment committee to recruit Donors within the organization.
  • Schedules Donors for appointments.
From The Rashtrotthana Blood Centre:
  • Works with you to plan and organize the Blood Donation Camp.
  • Helps you determine how many Donors to expect and how to recruit them.
  • Provides planning and Donor recruitment tools.
  • Brings equipment and supplies to the site; sets everything up and takes it down at the end.
  • Confidentially screens Donors and collects the donations, safely and professionally.
  • Serves refreshments to Donors.

अहर्निशं सेवामहे
We serve round the clock

Donate Blood on Demand

Blood is a life-saver. There is no substitute for blood Blood cannot be synthesized artificially...

Blood Donor Registration


Rashtrotthana Blood Bank is doing yeomen service to the community. I am deeply touched by the service being reduced to Thalassemia patients mostly the children. The world-class establishment that the […]

Ram Madhav’s Testimonials

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Siddhalinga Mahaswamiji “Blood donation is a much more needed and immediate requirement for the society than donation of food. This life saving gesture needs the overwhelming support of the people” […]

Blood Donation Drives – an emergency requirement of the present times

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“One of the Most dedicated staff. Excellence in work & ethics. Thanks to the staff of Blood Bank for the service of mankind and contribution to the society. ALL THE […]

Compliments from Dr. Nandini Tiwari

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Siddhalinga Mahaswamiji Blood Donation Drives – an emergency requirement of the present times The presence of Sri Jayantilal Nagardas Shah who is the principal sponsorer for Rashtrotthana Blood Centre and […]

Speech of Mahaswamiji Siddhalinga on the Occasion of Inaguration of New Premises of Rastrotthana Blood Centre

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Rashtrotthana is providing new life to accident vitcims in particular and ailing brothers and sisters in general. This voluntary and salutary service has kept Rashtrotthana Blood Bank at the forefront […]

Baba Ramdev Ji, Haridwar

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